Category Light Cruiser
Expected Duration 120 Years
Time Between Resupply 1 Year
Time Between Refit 4 Years
Officers 45
Enlisted Crew 200
Passengers 10
Cruising Velocity Warp 7.6
Maximum Velocity Warp 8.8
Emergency Velocity Warp 9.4 (6 Hours)
Length 243 Metres
Width 150 Metres
Height 63 Metres
Decks 12

Technical data 

Physical arrangement 

The configuration of the Miranda-class shared a similar design lineage and features with the refit Constitution-class implemented in the early 2270s. The design also closely resembled the Soyuz-class starships that were also in service around the same time.

The Miranda-class was composed of a single primary hull, consisting of a saucer that was similar to that of the Constitution-class; however, the bridge module, positioned on top in the center, was shaped differently than the Constitution-class module.

Mounted on the underside of the primary hull were two nacelle pylons connected to the warp nacelles.

Design features of the primary hull included a docking port located on the forward section of the ship; the aft section included two shuttlebays, separated by the vessel's impulse engines. These shuttlebays were visually numbered; "1" being on the rear-port side, and "2" on the rear-starboard side.

Tactical systems

Standard to all designs were six dual phaser banks located on the primary hull – three mounted to the top and three mounted on the bottom of the saucer. Also standard to all designs were two single phaser emitters mounted just beneath the impulse engines.

In those ships possessing the "roll bar," that superstructure contained two tubular phaser emitters on each side that could fire both forward and to the ship's flanks. There were also two forward and two aft photon torpedo launchers housed in a pod mounted in the center of the superstructure. 

By the 24th century a number of modifications were made to the Miranda-class weapons systems. Some Miranda-class vessels, such as those of the "twin-pod" variant, included a phaser array mounted on the lower part of the ventral dome and photon torpedo launchers in the main part of the ship rather than in a pod on the "roll-bar" 

The class 6 variant of this class featured class 3 defensive armaments.  

A majority of 24th century Miranda-class vessels of the "roll-bar" variant, particularly during the Dominion War, were equipped with phaser arrays and photon torpedoes equivalent to those used on other ships of the era, while keeping the same weapon array placements as the 23rd century Miranda.    

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays: 2


Arrow Class: 2


Type 8 Shuttle: 6


Argo Transport: 1


Defensive Systems

Enhanced Hull Plating


Type VIII Array: 4
Type IX Array:6

Shielding Systems

Auto- Modulating Shields
Metaphasic Shielding


Burst-Fire Torpedo Launcher: 4
Photon Torpedoes: 200
Quantum Torpedoes: 40

These are the specifications for the standard rollbar-equipped Miranda. Rollbar contains two forward torpedo launchers, two aft torpedo launchers and torpedo storage.