If you're not sure how to reply to the post fragment on the application form, don't worry! Everyone comes from different backgrounds - some may not have role played before, some may have done so in a different style and some may have been away from posting for some time and are shaking off the rust! Just follow the steps below, and everything will be fine.

If you are new to this type of role playing, you'll find that this is how posting to a ship works, too.

Step 1 - Copy the Original Text

Highlight text
Paste to word
Your first step is to highlight the initial post and copy the text. (See left)

You can then paste it directly into the text box on the form, or into your word processing software. (See right)

Step 2 - Respond in the Spaces Marked [Your character name]:

Replace the text string "Your character name", with the surname/family name of your character. Delete the squared brackets. For example, if you were writing a character named Ensign A. Person, you would change "[Your character name]:" to "Person".

You can then fill in lines of dialogue for your character. In other words, we'd like you to have your character answer Admiral Herrera!

Add replies

Note: Please avoid usi'ng the exact replies shown in this example - make sure you're including your own dialogue!

Step 3 - Done!

You can now move on to complete the rest of the form. If you're feeling like you want to show off a little, you can try adding in a little bit of narrative to show how your character feels, contained between colons, for example:-

:Ensign Person couldn't help but worry that perhaps the Breen might be involved. They were, after all, known for their energy dampening technology.:
If you have any further questions about completing this part of your application form, please feel free to contact us directly.